Copies of legal forms relating to child support (Family Law) are located on the California Judicial Court website:

Here are some commonly used and requested forms:

Work Search Form

If you are unemployed the Commissioner may order you to look for work each month, and apply for at least five jobs each week. You will track where you apply on this form and turn the form into the Tehama County Child Support Services Department by the 5th of each month.

Job Training Center Participation Form

If you are unemployed the Commissioner may order you to participate in services offerred at the Tehama County Job Training Center in Red Bluff. Use this form to track your participation and submit it to your case manager by the 5th of each month.

Income and Expense Declaration Form

Because your child support order is determined from information provided on the Income and Expense Declaration Form, it is important to turn in this form before your court date with up to date information. Be sure to file a copy with the clerk at the courthouse, and mail a copy to the other party on the case and the Tehama County Child Support Services Department several days before going to court. (Instructions on filing documents with the court are included in the “Legal Documents Explained” section of the website.)

If you need help completing legal forms, please contact the Tehama County Family Law Facilitator or your private attorney. Child Support staff cannot advise customers on how they should complete legal forms, but can assist in completing the work search or job seeker attendance form.


Response to a Notice of Motion

When you receive a motion from Tehama Child Support Services use this form to let the court know your position on the matter. It is a good idea to submit a response even if you agree. It is especially important to submit a response if you disagree with the Notice of Motion you receive. To submit a response you should file it with the court at least a week before your court date to ensure the Commissioner has time to review it. You will also have to serve Tehama County Child Support Services and the other party on the case with a copy. See instructions for filing and serving documents under "Understanding the Court Process" on the home page.

Visitation Verification

The Visitation and Verification form is used to determine how much visitation or parenting time a "non-custodial" parent has had over the past 12 months, not necessarily what is stated on a court order. It is important to complete this form accurately as this is one factor considered when determining a child support order amount.

Child Care Verification

The Child Care Verification form is used to determine child care costs related to employment or to necessary education or training for employment skills. Child care costs are a child support add-on amount ordered in addition to the child support obligation and are usually divided equally among parents.

Employment And Training Center/ Job Training Center Form

If you are unemployed the Commissioner may order you to take classes and/or do a vocational assessment at an Employment and Training Center in your county. In Tehama County, use the “Job Training Center Report Form”. Outside of Tehama County, use the “Employment and Training Center Form”. Use these forms to track attendance of the classes and participation in other activities such as a vocational assessment, resume development, etc. For a complete list of Employment and Training Centers in California go to or call 1-877-872-5627.