Paying Parent

The Paying Party may or may not have visitation and is the parent who makes the child support payment. In the courts, the Paying Party is called the "Non-Custodial Parent", even though the parent may have some custody.

Paying Party Services

  • Establishing paternity (fatherhood)
  • Requesting child support orders from the court
  • Requesting medical support orders from the court
  • Modifying child support orders

To apply for services, complete the Simplified Online Application or request one from the Tehama Child Support in person or by phone. Return paper applications to 1005 Vista Way, Suite A in Red Bluff.


Paying child support has never been more convenient. You can pay online, in person at the Tehama Child Support Services Department, over the phone and at MoneyGram and Pay Near Me locations. Here's the link to make an electronic payment:​

If you are appearing on your child support case at the Tehama County Superior Court, staff are prepared to take your payment during court.

Missed Payments: Arrears

Arrears is past-due child support which, in California, grows at a 10% interest rate. If your child support is owed to the state, you might qualify for a lowered arrears balance through the Debt Reduction Program. If the past-due support is owed directly to the custodial party, you and the custodial parent have the option of coming to an agreement regarding waiving all or part of the amount owed, or agreeing upon a lowered pay-off amount. The custodial parent would need to work with our office to file a motion.

It is important to keep paying your current montly support when you are making payments toward child support arrears. Your professional license and driver's license can be suspended for missed payments. Good communication with your case manager is important when you miss a payment. You might qualify to have your child support payments lowered if you've had a change in circumstances.

Ask your case manager about the Arrears Calculator, which can help you figure out how much you need to pay toward arrears each month to pay off your arrears balance by a date of your choice.